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Reflections (Madeline, Nikita Vid)

It is more of a vidlet than a vid, but hey, I made a Madeline vid!!!

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July = Awesome! Doctor Who Recs

So according to  daybreak777 , July is a month for Awesomeness so it must be a month for awesome Doctor Who Donna and Doctor Song recs!!!

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So I'm finally back from vacation and ready to dive back into fandom starting with Dr. Who. [I went to Portland, OR and had marvelous time at all the Pride events. In general, it was awesome to go to a big city (or at least, Portland is a big city to me) and experience the joys of public transportation. No, I'm not kidding. It was awesome to be able to either walk or take a bus anywhere I wanted to go instead of being forced to drive from place to place.]

Anyways, back to fandom for the moment, but I think the impossible has happened... I think it is very possible that I love Donna Noble more than I love River Song. I will admit that I watched New Dr. Who in a very weird way, but now that I'm sort of caught up, I'm afraid that Donna Noble has stolen my heart away from River.  I think that I caught the very first episode of New Dr. Who when it was airing on the sci-fi channel way back when, and I decided that I wanted nothing to do with it because A) it didn't click the way Star Trek:TNG and Farscape/Stargate/The Lost World clicked for me and B) the history of the show was a little intimidating for someone as clueless as I. I didn't start watching the show again until the interwebs starting going crazy about River Song, and then I only watched the Library episodes in S4 and the episodes containing River in S5. I mean, the show was decent and River was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! but I really didn't get into the Doctor or the rest of the show. 

However, the insidious device known as the Netflix tempted me into watching The Catherine Tate Show because I liked a whole slew of British comedies like Waiting for God, Absolutely Fabulous, As Time Goes By, etc. So after devouring episodes of The Catherine Tate Show, I had to check out Catherine Tate in Dr. Who and I was a raving Donna Noble fangirl! by the end of the first episode of S4.

Even though I still adore River's ass-kicking time traveling persona, I loved how Donna was plagued by self-doubt and yet still managed to be brave and awesome. And seriously, S4's "Turn Left,"  where Donna carries an entire episode by herself, ranks as one of my favorite episodes of any series.

When I first watched the Library episodes in S4, I wasn't at all fond of the 10th doctor and his interactions with River. However, as I watched S4 from the beginning, I found that Donna made him completely likable and my semi sort of secret is: Despite all the "not a couple" scenes between the Doctor/Donna, I kind of, sort of ship them in fic..... I know, I know.  (Well, I ship them in that *the finale never happened* kind of way cause otherwise I just get ragey and moan about how Donna's ending was pretty much the worst ending that could of happened to her )

Of course, my falling in love with both River and Donna continues my streak of falling in love with awesome female characters who get terrible endings: Juilet, Lost; Laura and Kara, BSG; Madeline, LFN; Gabrielle/Xena, Xena:WP; Zoe, MI5; Michelle, 24; I could go on, but I think that you get the picture :-(


Musical Meme

From alissabobissa 

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

alissabobissa gave me the letter H

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Thank god my semester ended a week ago because instead of looking for internships, I have been plotting on how to obtain a "Gem Sweater" and attend a Leslie Hall concert. I just adore how she just gets up on stage and rocks (raps?) out wearing her gold tight pants. And seriously, how could I not love a bonafide Zombie Killer!!!

In other news, nothing has really filled my tv fandom obsession lately. I did like the pilot episode of Body of Proof, but the Netflix only had the pilot available for streaming so I haven't really followed the show. Also, the Netflix is falling down on supplying my Dr. Song obsession since only the first five seasons of (new) Dr. Who are available on the instant stream. Bad Netflix!

Sadly, I have finished all my trashy romance novels, and I have been trying to fill my reading void with books stolen from my mom's massive collection. Unfortunately, my mother has some terrible stuff. Someone on fandomsecrets a while back made a reference to the pc game, "I have no mouth and I must scream" that should have been a clue to stay the hell away from it, but like the genius I am, I checked out the youtube walk through vids and it freaked the hell out of me. Again, should have been a clue to not check out the short story the game was based on by Harlan Ellison; but I decided to read the short story out of my mom's library and wow, I could only make it through the first couple of pages before the overwhelming misogyny and general fail of the story made me put it down.

Anyways, I kind of debated on whether to make a post on something that alissabobissa was kind enough to share with me. On one hand this something is probably the coolest thing ever; but on the other hand, I feel like madamedarque , jaybee65 , daybreak777 , jackiejlh , nell65 and all the other wonderful TR/Madeline writers/vidders on the net are much better at expressing the awesomeness of Madeline than I. So now that I have completely rambled on and made a fairly awkward paragraph, two days ago this something HAPPENED!! I just think that it is super cool that Alberta Watson is so great about interacting with her fans!!

Not that I have the time...

But I have totally fallen in love with Alex Cabot from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and River Song from Dr. Who. I really did not mean to get involved with a new show let alone two new shows in the middle of a semester, but Netflix is such an enabler for fangirls! I do have a few more thinky SQUEE thoughts about my two new favorite characters under the cuts, but if anyone has any vid, fic, or meta recs for either character I would be so grateful.

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Little Lion- Gabrielle Vid

Because nothing says a good idea like hearing a song in the middle of the night and then deciding that I must vid this song tonight because waiting until tomorrow would be completely unreasonable.

Warning: This vid is just one huge fast cut...

A Gabrielle centric vid with a little bit of *subtext.*

Disclaimer: I do not own Xena: Warrior Princess or "Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons.


Shipping Kinks: I Haz Them

Because for some reason I can't watch a show without inevitably shipping a couple, over the years I have developed some rather embarrassing shipping kinks. I mean, I don't think any of my kinks are as bad as once thinking that Overboard was a great film (Seriously, I saw on tv this when I was in like the second/third grade and I thought that it was just so romantic that the bitchy debutante fell in love with the rough and tumble Kurt Russell. Um.... first of all what were the producers thinking when they made this film and second of all, where in the hell were my parents while I was watching this film.)

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Since the spring semester starts like in the middle of next week, I need to find new things to obsesses about so I can have ample opportunity to procrastinate. daybreak777 has finally brought me over to the darkside! and I'm going to start watching Misfits as soon as I finish my Uber Xena trashy novel.

In other news, despite the fact that I have no idea what the actual premise of Dr. Who is, I'm kind of in love with River Song and all I have seen, besides a few youtube clips, is the fourth season episode where she dies. I put the entire fifth season in my Netflix queue, but I don't know if I'm going to watch the entire season/series or if I'm just going to watch the episodes with River Song in them.
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I know I said that there will be The L Word in 2011, but I'm already kind of over the show. I have not really gotten into the show's fandom; but judging from a brief survey of the fic and the vids, I hate the show's two power couples and they killed off my favorite character at the end of S3 so I think that I will just rewatch Dana/Alice be awesome during S2 and pretend that the show ended there.

So I'm done with school for the moment....

so I guess I should post my kind of awkward Madeline v. Xena crossover vid. I'm blaming daybreak777  for putting the idea of Xena being recruited/interrogated by Section into my head.

Oh and by the way, I know that the Camaro looking car used in the vid is hardly Section standard issue, but lets just pretend that Madeline let Paul buy it to help with his mid-life crisis.

So without further ado, when fandoms collide in awkward crossovers.

Disclaimer: I do not own Xena: Warrior Princess, La Femme Nikita, or "Angel" by Massive Attack. No copyright infringement intended.